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 Shopmobility in Cheshire West

Shopmobility gives you the freedom of the shops, which enhances the lives of disabled people, young and old, whether their disability is temporary or permanent.  Shopmobility gives independence and choice to the individual by providing a selection of powered scooters, manual and powered wheelchairs, plus handy walkers, to enable people to shop and carry out their business activities in the town centres of Northwich, Winsford, Chester and Ellesmere Port.
The service is supported by Cheshire West and Chester Council and is operated by a consortium: VRDS operates the service in Northwich and Winsford, and DIAL West Cheshire operates the service in Chester and Ellesmere Port. 
A single membership scheme covers all four centres, so a registered member in any one of the four centres in Cheshire West and Chester can use the Shopmobility services in any of the other three centres, in addition to their home centre.
Shopmobility is for everyone who has difficulty walking as a result of an injury, long or short term disability, frailty, accident or illness.


It is necessary to visit one of the four Shopmobility centres in person to become a member.  Use of the service is subject to registration together with sight of two forms of identification. All customers will be given instruction in the safe use of equipment and must demonstrate their competence to use such equipment. We reserve the right to decline the hire of equipment or to request evidence from a general practitioner (GP), optician or other qualified assessor about a customer’s ability to operate mobility equipment safely.

There is an annual registration fee of £30.00 per person, reduced to £25.00 for Cheshire West and Chester residents.  The new member receives a membership card that can be used in the Shopmobility centres in Northwich, Winsford, Chester and Ellesmere Port.
The mobility equipment is available on loan for an agreed time per day, depending on demand.  Each session costs a member £3.00.
To book equipment, telephone the appropriate Shopmobility centre during opening hours.

It is also possible for occasional visitors from outside Cheshire West and Chester to use Shopmobility equipment for a single session as a non-member. This costs £10.00 per session.

To ease the registration process, you can download a form that lists the information you will need to provide to register. Please click this link: Shopmobility Information.


Northwich Shopmobility

Winsford Shopmobility

The Information Centre

The Dingle Centre

1 The Arcade

High Street





Tel: 01606 288820

Tel: 01606 557550

Mon - Fri: 9.30am to 3.30pm

Mon - Fri: 9.30am to 3.30pm



Chester Shopmobility

Ellesmere Port Shopmobility

1A Frodsham Street

6 Mercer Walk

City Centre

Port Arcades


Ellesmere Port 


CH65 0AP

Tel: 01244 312626

Tel: 0151 355 1420

Mon - Sat: 9.30am to 4.30pm

Mon - Sat: 9.30am to 4.30pm



As part of the Shopmobility service, VRDS offers powered and manual wheelchairs, plus three-wheel and four-wheel scooters. A high-capacity (25 stone) scooter and a collapsible boot scooter are available on request. Additional essentials are available, such as RADAR keys, plus equipment for sale.


As part of the service, VRDS offers wheelchair loan for more than the working day, to cover occasional needs. Please contact Northwich or Winsford Shopmobility for more information.
A member of Cheshire West and Chester Shopmobility may use a loan wheelchair for up to one week.  There is a flat-rate charge of £20.00.

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IMPORTANT: VRDS values your feedback on the services that we provide. If you have any comments please send us an email. Just click on the envelope icon and let us know by email what you want us to know.

Click this envelope icon to email VRDS

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We are members of the National Federation of Shopmobility, which is now under the management of the BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association). Membership of the organisation ensures that we adhere to the Code of Practice, thereby making sure that our members receive a professional and friendly service.

National federation of shopmobility

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